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Can vcore overwrite instability elsewhere?

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Alright well I am still trying to get my q6600 to 3.6 with volts I am comfortable with.

3.42 is requiring 1.45v to be stable.
3.6 requires 1.52..
Does that sound right/likely?
Or would something else improve stability beforehand and the higher volts are somehow overriding(or something) that instability.
I made sure my north bridge could handle 400fsb and it was fine.
I think perhaps the lack of vtt voltage option on my mobo is what would help.. unless i am blind and have been missing it.
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I use a ds3l and can run 3.6 at 1.55v core, but I have a terrible vid 1.325v. I usually run it at 1.5v @ 3.47 ghz.
Problem with our boards is the GTL cpu ref which it does not have the option to change on these boards. With a different board like the P5Q-E or DFI boards you could tweak that setting and could possibly use much less vcore for 3.6ghz than you're doing now with your gigabyte board.
your Vcore sounds about right to me but your temps are going to be pretty high
My Q6600 GO does 3.8Ghz @ 1.45v on the same mobo you have. Anything beyond 3.8 requires over 1.50v.

Try these over volt control settings:

whats the vid on your chip?
I was not able to get it any lower by bumping
over volts to


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