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Can XP,Or Only Vista Do IT?

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Firstly...I Have Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 Installed...
I read That In VISTA you can Insert A Flash Disk / Memory Stick And it Brings up an Option something Like Would you like to View the Contents Or use This Device To Make Your PC Faster...Something To Do with extra Ram or Something..I Was Wondering Is there any such feature On XP SP3 or can you like download this feature or something.....

P.S The Link to the Page I read It On Is Here (http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/wi...windows/?p=654)

QUOTE: "A feature of Windows Vista that I love is Windows ReadyBoost. This technology allows me to place a USB key in my computer and improve performance without adding additional memory to my computer. Once you put the USB key in you are prompted to view the files on your USB key or speed up your system. My laptop already had 2 GB or RAM. I had a 2 GB USB Flash key and my system is screaming speed."

PS not so good with PCs
PSS Ram is very expensive At the Moment In SA
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Yes, only vista can do ready boost.

The closest thing i can think of is using your flash disk for virtual memory
This is vista only, and even then only certain memory sticks work with it.
Vista only, tho I think some versions of Linux can also do this. I know Linux can boot from these devices.
Vista only, but I wouldn't worry about it. It looks like it actually brings some good only if the stick is real fast (like 20MB/s+). The benefits are small anyway in the sense that Vista works about the same with 2GB as XP with 1GB (give or take); In my opinion Vista with 1GB and a thumb-drive can't possibly be faster than XP on 1GB.

My 2 cents
You shouldn't need this in XP, but if you want to read then here
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