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can you do raid 0 with IDE hard drives?

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for another pc im using 2 500gb seagate hard drives and there IDE.
yea they suck but they were free

just wondering if its possible to put them in raid 0, on my old motherboard i had to use software raid i used seagate wizard. it sucked and took ages and i wasnt even using seagate hdds but it worked adventually BUT i think it only works with sata drives.

anybody know if its possible?
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You can definately raid 0 IDE drives. Raid was around long before sata
You would need a IDE raid controller card, unless you mobo has on-board IDE RAID. Or, if the mobo you are using has sata/RAID you could, in theory, use ide to sata adapters.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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