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can you "migrate" a Windows install on a Surface to a new Surface

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i got a surface 3 for work. say you want to upgrade to a new model that also has Windows 10. can you do so or will the hardware differences be too different?
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From a technical standpoint you could, however i would not advise it. There will likely be hardware differences (unless getting the same exact model). You would need to correctly licence windows on the 2nd machine (cant have both use same activation). Really the only benefit to doing it this way would be not needing to reinstall programs. You would be much better off backing up whatever irreplaceable content you want on both machines (pics, documents, video, etc) and copying that over and just clean installing your required programs.

IMO your asking for problems trying to image the 2nd machine from the first. Hope this helps.

Better yet, whats your reason for wanting to do this, maybe there is an alternate solution that would be better for you
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