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Can you record FIOS TV on a PC?

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Or is it not allowed? I'm looking to drop DVR services to record stuff on my PC and stream it through the house. If it is in fact possible, can a USB tuner do it? My PCI-e and PCI slots are covered by my GPUs
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Two options, right now:
  1. Ceton InfiniTV4: $400, needs a PCIe x1 slot
  2. Hauppauge HD-PVR: $200, USB, still requires a set-top box from Verizon with component output to record from, limited to recording one show at a time and when recording, you can't use the set-top box for watching other show
There might be variations to the HD-PVR now (e.g. with HDMI support, etc) but the same restrictions apply. Keep your DVR. It's probably cheaper.
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I just finished my HTPC rig with CEton InfiniTV4 which I ordered on December 30 and recieved on March 20. Quick call to FIOS to have the tech come out for the M Card installation (be sure to insist the MOCA Filter) and I was able to record 4 HD signals at once to my 2TB drive.

I then utilized WMC on WIn 7 and stream to my tvs in the home via a Linksys DMA2100 and the Actiontex MOCA Coax to Ethernet adapter. Works great. I kept one HD STB for VOD.
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