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can you tell me about those motherboards please !?

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hello all...

most recent motherboard have some pipes around the CPU, so I can't figure them out, what are all those pipes about ??

-are they for cooling ???
-how do they work ???

- if they are for cooling, then will those pipes work with the stock heatsink and cooler, or they must be combined with some after-market coolers to function ???

best regards.
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They are heatpipes, so yes they are for cooling. They usually attach to heatsinks on the VRM's and northbridge chipset. They work with any cooler, the stock one blows air through the heatsinks, so that gives probably slightly better cooling
They are for cooling. They work just like a heat sink.

No any cooler will fit with them and no they dont connect or anything.

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As the others have stated, they are there to cool other mobo components. They work the same way any other heatpipe style cooler would work. They are completely independent from the CPU cooler. (however, there are a few instances where a very large heatsink can interfere with the mobo cooling on certain boards. For the most part, it doesn't matter)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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