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I have decided to sell my 7D with the Kit lens and macro. Rather than buy a wider lens, I think I will just put my money into a FF. So up for sale it goes. I don't have a shutter count on it yet, but I am the original owner and didn't go crazy with it. The camera is in excellent condition and there are no known issues with it at all. Since I plan on going with a FF there is no reason for me to keep the EF-S macro lens so it is going as well. I am sorry, but I won't split them up. I will also throw in a tamrac Velocity 9 bag. It isn't much but has served me well. Battery and charger will come with it as well.

EDIT: Shutter count = 6,400

Here are the B&H links if you want more detailed information on the camera or lens.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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