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cant boot from disk drive

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I have a Toshiba Portege 7010Ct Laptop i had installed windows xp onto it.
the laptop when i got it it came with a cardbus/pcmcia cd drive.I have been trying to get a Linux Distro installed onto it since its not fully stable with windows XP.
My Main Problem is that my bios has the option for booting from cd,but when i attempt to boot it will not even allow the device to get power til windows has started.I do believe the cd drive i had got with it is the original but since the labels are all peeled off i cant look if it is.the drive says port on top of it.
please not that the driver say that the cardbus is using the Toshiba ToPIC97 Cardbus Controller Drivers.
the only thing i need help with is trying to get this to boot from the cd.i also
do have the floppy drive which came stock with it and can boot from that(not a pcmcia) any help would be appreciated.
any more information you guys need please just ask and ill supply.dont be afraid to use technical term i know computer so no need to describe anything in a noob-ish way unless you want to
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Try making it boot from the drive first and only, that usually works out well.
bucdan i have tried to set it to boot in my bios and it did not allow me to boot from the cd.my bios i can not set just the cd drive for the only boot device since it lables them in a specific list that i can only change3 up the order and not the devices withing them.
i hacve used HDT(Hardware Detection Tool) which did allow it to find my drive without no problem so i know that a it will detect the disk without the drivers pre installed and just off t6he computer hardware that is installed.if anyone knows of a bios emulation programs please list them as i will try to use them and make sure it will work on a floppy disk.
i tried everything i can within the bios.
i do have a little docking station that has a lpt port on it which i have a backpack disc drive that has a lpt port the only thing is i cant get ti to read that its installed in my computer but that is another thing im gonna mess around with to see if i can get it to work.
i know that i have swapped the disc drive that i had it in for a cd burner which ill locate the old cd drive i had in it and reinstall it into it and see if it will then read the cd and allow me to boot from it.
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