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can't choose between phII x4 940 and i7 920

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i am between this 2 choices

i) i7 920, gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R, ocz 3x1Gb DDR3

ii) phenom II x4 Am2+,MSI KA790GX, ocz 2x2Gb DDR2 reaper hpc edition

as for the others... asus gtx260 cuba 896MB, 2x WD 5000AAKS 500GB sata2 , NZXT LEXA BLACKLINE BLUE EDITION

give me some ideas.... thanks sotos.
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Either route you choose, I would go with ATI. AMD - ATI has a nice platform though. phenom 940 gets my vote.
Well if you don't care about how much you are spending, get the i7, if you are on a budget, get the PH2 940
Core i7 but i think its more expensive isnt it?
i7 pack is at 1350 euros...
phII pack is at 1150 euros..
With that relatively small difference in prices I suggest getting the i7.
Let's break it down this way.

i7's strong points: Raw number crunching, folding, video encoding, draining your wallet. There is no contest if these are the things you do 75% of the time or more. The amount it slaughters all else before it in these tasks is staggering, just ask anyone with an i7 that encodes or folds on it.

Deneb's strong points: Cheap, effective in games, uses exsisting platform which is well established, reliable and easy to get, overclocks a little easier. Certain tricores, namely batch 0904, when put in certain motherboards, will even become a quad core! The tricores are cheap too, I think a 710 is just a schmidge over 100 bucks. Also, IMO, AMD's build quality is a bit better...and if you bend a pin, it's MUCH easier to fix. The chips just feel that much more durable.

If you don't do anything the i7 shines in, you don't need to spend the premium for it and it's platform. Remember, i7 REQUIRES DDR3, which is still a bit pricey, and it seems a good X58 mobo with both SLI and CF capabilities is still > 250 bucks, whereas Phenom 2 uses DDR2 and 125-150 dollar SB750 motherboards.

Also note: Cheaper X58 boards will not run SLI due to a licensing issue between nVidia and Intel causing the chipsets to be a bit more expensive. I don't know for sure how it is disabled, there might be a way to enable it anyways. Caveat emptor if you go i7 and one of these boards, then intend on getting a second 260. Crossfire? That works just fine on any one X58 board out there.

Speedma: 200 euros is a huge differance in price. Basing on price, it's a no brainer, AMD tiem.
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if you dont care about howmuch it is, go for the i7. sadly the i7 always beats the PHII.
i do care about those 200 euro... but i also want power... how much is the difference between those two cpus..??
As mentioned above, if you do video, graphics, 3D, or any CPU intensive work, the i7 will be more than worth the extra money. If this is essentially a gaming machine, the Phenom II won't be far behind.
soto, it depends entirely on what you are doing. If all you ever do is game and browse, you won't notice the differance, so save yourself the money and buy the Phenom rig.

If you fold on your CPU, encode ALOT of videos(One a day or more, not casual youtubing of random game vids), do 3D rendering on the CPU, the extra 200 euros is well worth it. But if you don't do those things, it's wasted money.

If yer like me, you don't do enough video encoding to make it worth while...I encode maybe one a month, usually I just set it to it's task and go to bed. I wake up 12 hours later and it's done, no clue how long it actually took. I don't do enough encoding to make it worth my time or money to invest in i7.
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this last answer is the best i think.. this pc will be for 3 uses.. first for my little bro for gaming, second for mam and dad office things and third for me 3d things, cad, max, maya (btw i will start learning now for my uni, so i won't do great things), web pages creation..

so i'm going for the ph II
:\\ In that case, dawg, the i7's premium is worth it. It won't do your bro or your parents any good over the Phenom 2, but for your 3D apps it will shine. It's actually worth the premium in your situation.

Don't get me wrong, the Phenom 2 is capable and will easily get the job done, but 200 euros for a 30-40% increase in 3D rendering performance? Even I'd get an i7 and I absolutely hate those things.
i agree with the above advice. you'll need the spare power
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