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I have a amd 2200+ 1800 Mhz,it's now running at 2100 Mhz! but i can't clock it higher, because when i restart, the computer won't start up again.i thougt maybe it is my mobo that can't have more. or my PSU (300W). But i'm not sure! does anyone know what's the problem?

CPU speed

CPU Klok 2091.85 MHz

CPU Multiplier 13.5x

CPU FSB 154.95 MHz

Geheugenbus 154.95 MHz

Tsystem 27 °C (81 °F)

Tcpu 36 °C (97 °F)

Fcpu 2344 RPM

Fcase 1035 RPM

Vcore 1.58 V

V2.5 2.45 V

Vio 3.23 V

2 x 256 MB PC2100

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I think what he means by that is: your CPU is holding you back because of its high multiplier...and your ram is holding you back because its only meant to run at an FSB of 133.

2100MHz out of that cpu is nice though! May want to sit on it for a while and consider an upgrade soon. :-\\
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