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cant control fans with new board

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Ever since i put in this new board speedfan wont allow me to control my other 3 pin fan on my cpu 4 pin fan, however before on my old crappy board i could control them both.

Ive tried turning cool n quiet on and off but neither works. But if i turn it on then the system automatically controls my cpu fan but not the nooisy side fan which i usually drop down to about 1500rpm so its not loud but just pushes a small amount of air into the case.

Are there any other programs which allow fan speed adjustments?
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they should work. try looking into fan controllers. i have one and i love it
if it's the gigabyte board listed in your sig, you're out of luck. i had a intel p35 board and i couldn't control the fan speed on that board for the life of me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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