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I don't know if this would help anyone out.

But, I am a legitimate phone addict and have been upgrading constantly over the last 2-3 years.

I've been tied down to more contracts, transferring them out, and even buying phones outright.

Here's a basic list of what I have gone through:

BlackBerry Curve 8330
BlackBerry Storm (original)
BlackBerry Torch 9800
BlackBerry Bold 9700
BlackBerry Bold 9780
BlackBerry Bold 9900
iPhone 3G
IPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S
HTC Vivid (Raider)
Samsung Galaxy Note

I am currently using a 4S.

I get bored of phones really easily and when new tech comes out I'm a sucker for good marketing, specifications, and new things!

Best phone I've ever owned? I'd go with the samsung. However, the android market (now Google Play really doesn't have much to offer in the way of games.) This may or may not be a deal breaker for some.

I'll do a quick review of each phone.

BB Curve 8330
- Now obsolete and replaced by newer 'berries with OS5/6 this phone was my first qwerty phone that had a dedicated keyboard.
-This phone was perfect for BBM, light browsing, and read, "light" browsing. Maybe a quick google.ca lookup or something.
-This was IIRC prior to when 3G was out, correct me if I'm wrong-so It was not the greatest.
-Highly innovative in respect to the email/call/social messaging concept.
-Marked the era of the first "smart" phone.

BB Storm (Original)
-It was pretty much an epic fail.
-Two screens employ by a touch mechanism which required you to push down to select, text, etc.
-It was almost like more of a chore to use.
-I'll say this, and I mean this for all of RIM's BlackBerries. They're NOT good with touch screens - ie Torch, Storm, Bold 9900, or the newer successor of the Bold 9780.

The Torch 9800
-Was a great phone, highly sought after when it originally came out.
-Touch wasn't the greatest, better though than the Storm
-Pull out keyboard was a joy to use.
-At the time, it had the newest OS out.

The Bold 9700/9780
-Hardware wise, they're both the same phone.
-At the time, RIM released the 9700 with OS5, while later releasing the 9780 with OS6, which was a great marketing tactic and duped me, even though it's well know that through BlackBerry Desktop Manager (BDM) upgrades are released to older models in a reasonable time frame.
-The Bold 9780/9780 wasn't exactly a huge leap from the previous bold (8800 was it?). Nor was it a huge leap from the older style curves.

I will make a quick note that I would never, even back then buy a Pearl. They're crippled and they're just NOT good.

The Bold 9900
-Was a great phone, beautiful looking
-Same style keyboard as the original, fat bold.
-battery life was typical for a 'berry - usually around 12 hours of heavy use (this seems to be the norm now a days - at least in my experience).

Now before I get into the iPhone's, I'll make it known that I've always had a fond appreciation for apple's products, namely their iPhones.

iPhone 3G.

-Great phone, perfect for browsing, email, and here was the kicker, the music application. I really enjoyed having a phone that I could use all of my music on (or at least most of it) and 'multitask' - however limited that may have been with the older iPhone.

iPhone 3GS.
-First and foremost the notable feature here was the ability to record video.
-Great starting phone for those who don't have the cash for a 4 or 4S. Even possibly for your son/daughter. Or, if you're older, for your mother/father.

iPhone 4
-Front Camera
-5 mp back camera, video recording
-single core processor A4
-Great upgrade from the 3GS. Nothing substantial, but it was noticeable. iOS 4 ran well on it whereas 3GS iOS 4 was not desirable.

iPhone 4S.
-Front Camera (either 2mp or 3, can't recall)
-Back 8 mp camera
-Dual Core A5 processor
-Great graphics processor
-Comes in 64GB now, increase in capacity.

One of the things I liked about the 4/4S is the very robust iTunes Store and App Store. Games are a joy and there is just about everything you could ever want, from rockband to zombie games to MMO's. You name it.

Next up, are the Androids.

HTC Raider/Samsung Galaxy Note
Good phone, great specs. Nice OS. Just got bored really. Switched to the iPhone 4S, and then to the Note, which, by the way was the best phone I've ever used.

The battery life on that Note was astounding for the specs packed into it. The ability to mod and install custom ROM's and the dev community is unreal. ICS is coming soon to the note here in NA, however the caveat was again, google play - just nothing there, in terms of games. Not sure why, but this is just my experience.

I am currently using my old 4S and have since sold the note for that reason.

Great phone, android was great, even on stock GB. But the major selling point of the 4S was the ability to play games. Which I wanted.

Not sure if this helps anyone but I figured I'd do some sort of a phone write up.


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Thanks for the input, I'm currently looking for a replacement for my Android (old Xperia X10) and I was thinking in go with an iPhone or in second place a Galasy S3 or note. Thanks

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This is probably bad advise to a phone addict but....I think you need to try some more Android phones

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I have previously had only iphones, and just got my first android phone, the One X. I love it. I don't play many games so if there's a lack of games in the Play Store it doesn't affect me. I love the ability to customize everything on androids.

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Originally Posted by bfe_vern View Post

Too much of anything makes things stale pretty quick. My suggestion is to take 30 days off without any of your phones. Unplugging once in awhile gives one perspective.
Perspective of what? Technology and the ability to communicate with others in such an easy way is one of the pivotal developments that is pushing the human condition forward. It makes as much sense as people starving themselves to gain appreciation for the basic necessity of food.

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I'd like more insight on your iPhone times. You give us specs on them (which most of us know) but how did they compare to the others as far as usability?
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