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Can't format a unallocated hard drive, in disk management

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Hey guys,

I put in an older WD 250GB HDD, that previously had two partitions. When I put it in, I went to disk management to delete the partitions, because I wanted to format as one big hard drive, instead of two partitions. So I right clicked and deleted the partitions, and now it says unallocated...but when I right click it, it only gives the options of partitions, when I usually see format. The options in the partitions were either primary or secondary. I wanted it as a logical, but that was grayed out. I'm not sure on this primary or secondary extension, that's why I didn't choose any one of them. I want it formatted as one single 250GB HDD.
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It may be because it was previously and Active Partition. I'd recommend trying out Acronis Disk Director Suite to work out that problem. Otherwise, I'm seeing a reformat of the whole drive in the future.

EDIT: If you boot up a "Live CD" of Ubuntu there is a really nice program that allows you to resize your partition without losing any data. I would try using that due to the fact that it is free.
Or.... quickly reformat by booting from the WD DLG utility.
Thanks for the replies, guys. That WD DLG Utility worked like a charm. Weird though. It formatted the drive in a couple of seconds. I was expecting at least 20 mins. Anyway it's formatter and it works.
most will give you the option of quick format or ... forget what it's called... long format. you obviously did it quick-like.
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