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Cant get AA to work with some games

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i have found a new problem with this 4890. AA refuses to work in some instances. One being in 3dmark06. Ive taken screenshots with AA on and off, Forced through the driver and enabled through the problem, with no AA at all, the screenshot looks the same. Ive rechecked all my settings several times. What made me notice this was playing Dirt 2 demo. I noticed alot of jaggies and when checking my settings ,aa was set to 8x. This seems to be a problem with other 4890 users with no fix. Games like Americas army 2x and cod 4 i can tell AA is working, little to no jaggies. anyone else have this problem or ever heard of this?
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I would try ati tray tools. OR update the drivers. Also try renaming a game executable to see if that works. ie: borderlands.exe rename to bioshock.exe. Dont forget some games wont use AA period.
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