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So during last summer my friends Gateway desktop stopped working after a storm. The power light would just flash like it's in standby mode all the time.

It was pretty good when he got it, Quad Core Phenom, 8GBs of ram, HDMI out, 750GB hard drive.

So I took it all apart and couldn't figure it out. So we bought another AM2 motherboard, still NOTHING on the screen. All I did was put one stick of ram in and the processor with the power supply hooked up. I can't even get to the bios of either motherboard, So we got a another AM2 processor (an older Sempron) and still can't make it to the bios. I don't even have a hard drive or and peripherals plugged in.

Am I missing something? It's hard to diagnose a problem with I can't even get into the bios.
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