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Cant get full screen on 5850 .

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Hey guys...

no matter what I try , I cannot get a full screen image on my Optoma HD20 projector.

tv it plays fine and PS3 , but connected to the PC through HDMI it will give me a 80% image size.....

I have tried clone , duel view , extend etc...no difference. even single view.

it worked fine yesturday...dont know what the problem is today!

thanks for any help!
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It's the common scaling issue when you're connected via HDMI. And simple to fix:

Set to 0%, click the box, then Apply/OK.
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where for the love of god do i find that setting??
found this on another forum using google.

1) Make sure you have a clean driver installation. If you have an old driver you use 3rd party driver cleaner to remove it. The install the latest available driver from ATI.

2) For video to work adjustments are done through the CATALYST CONTROL CENTER(ccc). You can righ click your mouse to activate it.

3) Options on CCC
3.1- Desktop & Display: Provides you the information on your display.
3.2- Desktop Properties: PROPERTIES provide the settings on your display.
Find the settings that will match the capability of your display
3.3 DISPLAY OPTIONS: It defines the detection method of the video card use for the monitor.

hope this helps. look thru every menu/submenu/tab/subtab in CCC and look for "overscan" youll wanna move the slider to 100% for some reason it defaults at ~80% thru hdmi.
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thanks man

but i cannot find an overscan setting anywhere!!
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are you sure you downloaded the correct catalyst driver? i mean.. the correct version?
Try downloading the latest one, if that doesnt work, then find the second newest one and try that!
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