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cant get my e8400 past 4.10ghz

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cpu : 4.10ghz
fsb : 1830mhz
ram : 800mhz (stock) and 6-6-6-15 timings (stock is 5-5-5-12)
cpu voltave is at 1.38v

if i go any higher then 1830mhz on the fsb i get lots of BSOD, ive seen many people with this chip and the c0 stepping hit 4.40ghz stable and am trying to hit 4.40-4.50 stable. any ideas?
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No, not all C0's are good. Only the old ones. It also looks like you already passed the maximum recommended voltage (if you follow Intel spec).
ya intel says 3.6v is the max. cant get it stable at this speed with anything lower unfortunately. although i have met people with the vcore a 1.40v. my chip is about a year old, bought it right before the e8500 came out. trying to figure out why my voltages need to be so high though.
i will have to double check when i get home, totaly just blanked on what its set to.
These E8400 C0's are a real challenge for overclockers, because they usually won't past even the 4.00GHz easily.
Intel E8400 @ 4.00 GHz, 1.28V, my god i wish i could run it at 1.28v for mine

Originally Posted by Magariz
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Intel E8400 @ 4.00 GHz, 1.28V, my god i wish i could run it at 1.28v for mine

This wouldn't be problem for my E8400
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The highest I have ever got my chip stable at is 4.2 but that was using 1.39v. Stick with 4 and use lower volts.
northbridge is at 1.23v, vcore is 1.38.
bus speed is 450mhz with 9x multi, so its at 1800mhz atm with the cpu at 4.05ghz.
ram is at 800mhz, 6-6-6-16-2t timings

any ideas on how i can get this puppy up higher? and how to do so with a lower voltage? my vcore seems so much higher then everyone elses at this speed.
any ideas?
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