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Can't get my Fn keys to work

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I'm getting ready to give my laptop to my mother. Up until this point, it had been running gentoo and fedora. When I purchased this laptop, it came with vista home premium, which I created a system restore disk for and put linux on it. Well, I got vista reinstalled, installed all the needed drivers, and the function keys WILL NOT WORK. The only ones I really care about are the brightness keys, because those are very important to battery management.

It's a Sony VGN-CR120e. I really want the function keys to work, and I really want the multimedia keys to work. It is for my mother after all, and she wouldn't understand why they wouldn't work.
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It's possibly your graphics card drivers, believe it or not. Even in BIOS, the brightness would not work for me in one case where I had the wrong graphics card drivers installed.
The brightness controls inside the operating system work, I just want the Fn brightness controls.
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