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I'm running an i7 960, and following all of the available information on the superinterwebnets I've been able to achieve 3.8Ghz stable. Problem is, whenever I try to go higher my system won't even boot. I can't seem to work past this, any suggestions?

Trying the following settings:

CPU bclk 175
CPU mult 24
mch strap - auto
uncore 4208 (23x)
vcore - 1.35
vtt - 1.325
cpu pll - 1.8
dimmv - 1.675
qpi pll - 1.25
ioh vcore - 1.35

If it's not listed it's likely set to auto


I've done some more reading, and I've managed to get my system loaded into se7en breaking the 4Ghz mark

Running 166 bclk with the stock multiplier / turbo and it puts me around 4135. However, I'm having issues under stress testing with the 124 BSOD. I've reached a point with my vcore, vtt and dimmv that raising them anymore concerns me. The cores are running at about 70c under full load before the BSOD comes out, although it pops within 30s of starting the test. Any settings I may be overlooking?

Second Update...

Finally running stable. Had to hop up the VCore to 1.425 before it would cooperate. Under 100% load I'm seeing 80c temps, however I need to make some changes to my airflow situation as I currently have the H70 radiator being cooled by the air inside the case. Going to flip that situation around and see if it makes a difference.

I would still really appreciate any input from the vets as this is my first OC.

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Those voltages are a bit too high for 4.0Ghz+ with a 960, I think I see your problem. Turn down your uncore multiplier to the lowest possible setting. Did you manually set your ram settings?
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