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Can't go over 580/1110 with coolbits!

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Coolbits and RivaTuner too don't allow me to set the clockspeed over 580/1110mhz. How i saw, this is not the maximum for a nx6600gt. It can't even be the cooling, I've a Thermalright v-1 Ultra with 2 80mm cooler with good temps. What could be the problem?
If I tray to set the speed up, RivaTuner gives me the following message while testing the setup: "The driver failed to pass internal test with the clock frequencies you are about to set. Please decrease clock fequencies and try again."
But if i set 579mhz, it even works not too, with same message!

I use Forceware version 81.98.

Has anyone a solution?

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try newer drivers from guru3d.... other than that i have been wondering my self how to bypass the whole "test frequency" part of it all....
Use ATi Tool .25 Beta. There's no built in test, just push it until you get artifacts. Once you've found a good speed, go into Coolbits and have it set to apply at startup.
Hello again,

I just installed the beta-driver 83.90 but it doesn't help.
And if I put the clock-speed with the ATI-Tool over 571 I'll only get some currios colorful patterns on the screen. Thats a bit crazy.

I hope anybody has a solution.
Jeah, I did it, 600/1200
I just tried some settings from RivaTuner and it's ok now!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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