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Can't open programs

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Well, I'm not really sure what happened to my computer....I tried to launch Ad-aware Pro Adwatch, and I have a feeling it conflicted with Spybot's TeaTimer, and now I can't open any programs on my computer. Adwatch kept flashing reg. key changes, and I pressed denied, because I thought it was spyware, and at the same time, TeaTimer was flashing key changes as well. I went ahead and did a reformat (couldn't open rollback, and repair didn't work for some weird reason), but I want to know what happened so I can avoid doing it again. Thanks for the help guys.
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Its never good to run two different malware protection programs because each one sees the other as malware due to how it operates with the system.
Stick with your favorite one.
(Mine is Ad-Aware)
Good luck.
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Yeah, take one at a time.

Rare case... I've never heard of conflicting programs stopping someone from opening everything before...
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