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Originally Posted by banging34hzs
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I tryed to install a physx card today and it failed, so i removed the card as well as the drivers and now i cant get the nonexistent monitor to go away. this is affecting my gaming.

how do i fix this?

Oh what PhysX card are you using? There shouldn't be any problem to run hybrid. Install Forceware then run the patch. You don't need to create fake display.

If you still want to give it another try, install Forceware 258.96 (do not restart) then run the patch (append here in thumbnail) and restart PC. Check GPU-Z if PhysX is checked, the hardware acceleration is working everywhere. Don't have to do anything else, just the above.

Anyway, to remove the fake display, you can press the windows button + P, then select "computer only". Or go to Device Manager > Fake display > delete.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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