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Can't seem to get 1066mhz on these rams.

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Above is the rams i got

I got an asus m3a78-t motherboard

I was told to change the voltage to 2.1v. to get 1066mhz. But i cannot seem to figure out how to? Anyone have any step by step instructions on how to change the memory voltage to 2.1v on a mobo asus m3a78-t? Please?

Im a nub i know
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Go into the BIOS and look for the voltage settings page. There you can change you vdimm to whatever you like. You should also look for the RAM timings and make sure they are set to OCZ spec.
When i went to bios, all i saw was cpu v, ddr v and some other stuff. am i suppose to restart when i change voltaged then go back to the ram and change it to 1066mhz? cuz all i saw was 800mhz, but when i put it on the "OC Profile" i can change it to 30% oc and it can go to 1040mhz but will not boot.

This shows how to change the bios options including voltage on the memory.
Sorry chief, AM2 processors do not support 1066 ram.

Edit: well, it's maybe possible through overclocking of the FSB. If you have your ram set to 800, you can get to 1066 on the ram with a FSB of 266.
I just got the am2+ quad. got them runnin at 1066mhz. thanks1
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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