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Have a 980x with Rampage III Extreme motherboard. I have it 33 hours prime95 small fft stable. Also did it for an additional 25 hours. Now trying to stabilize the memory.*

Have three two gb Super Talent 2000 7-7-7-21 memory.*

Settings in the bios are:

Cpu ratio: 31
BCLK: 142
dram freq: 1992MHz
UCLK freq: 3986mhz
Qpi link: 6833MT/s
CPU Voltage: 1.26875
Cpu ppl: 1.815
qpi core voltage: 1.31250
Dram bus voltage: 1.64300

Top end XMP lists the memory can do

Freq: 1000
cas#: 7
ras to cas: 7
Ras precharge: 7
Tras: 21

Stays stable in prime custom with 5096 megs set for 8 hours. *Have the memory at 8-8-8-25 so a bit loose.*

Made the following changes

CPU Voltage: 1.290 from * 1.26875
qpi core voltage: 1.33125 from *1.31250
Dram bus voltage: 1.65625 from *1.64300

Stays stable in prime for 12 hours but still crashes. What am i doing wrong? *Any advice would be appreciated.*



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try raising the memory bus controller a hair..so...you're the one who got those
anyway..also try bumping the dram v up to 1.66-1.68 or so..you might as well get the last one available..only 1 left on the whole i-net now
..btw 8-hr stability isn't so awful bad
..oh..and see if you can fanagle a fan to blow onto the RAM somehow :/ if you feel them..they get kinda hot...

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Ok really annoyed besides my post getting lost so will be briefer

Tried dram freq of 1708mhz at 9-9-9-28 at 1.65625v. Ran eleven hours and crashed. When i tested the cpu it would reboot until stable. Blend is just erroring in prime and keeps running. So assume the cpu is basically stable Dont know what to do.

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