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Can't update DirectX after XP install....

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*** when I download the end-user runtime it detects the latest installation files and goes to the downloading window, then times out. I get the message 'coudln't connect ot the server at this time, check your connection or try back later.'
It said this a few days back, so I just held off. My latest date on my directX files is 08/06, so I'm way behind.
What could cause this? Windows is activated, fully updated, etc. I have never seen this before......
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Nevermind I was downloading the SDK (self development kit)

Still though....I wonder why it wouldn't let me.....also the SDK site is down. Maybe they've had a server down or something....if someone could run dxdiag.exe from the run dialog box, and take a screenshot of the directx dll files that would be very nice. I can compare them this way.
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