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This week, I'd like to talk a bit about Alfred Ashford's daughter, Alexia.

Since we are revisiting Code: Veronica in the game, Alexia will of course be an indispensable part of the story. I've got to be careful not to give away too much while writing this blog!

Alexia was supposedly dead for 15 years but Claire and Steve see her on Rockfort Island. Why has Alexia, who was supposed to have died so long ago, suddenly appeared on this island?

Since the Chronicles series is a gun shooting game, we have to make sure that telling the story doesn't interfere with the tempo of the game. To accomplish this, we've made a lot of additions and changes to the way the story is told. This chance meeting with Alexia on Rockfort Island happens much more directly in Darkside Chronicles than it does in the original game.

Claire and Steve follow the elusive figure of Alexia while searching the island. They hear her laughter, her footsteps, and the constant sound of her lullaby... but they never seem to be able to catch a clear look at the woman herself. The pair feels like they are chasing after a ghost.

No matter how quickly they pursue her, Alexia always seems to disappear just out of reach, leaving nothing but questions and riddles in her path. What is Alexia, and what is she planning to do?

The one thing that I can say here is this:

Alexia's incarnation in the Darkside Chronicles is burning hot, and she will leave you wanting more!


I swear, if they can't even keep this one single plot integrity - the game is going to be worse then horse :turd:
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