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Hi, as title I've an Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ OC 8GB. I'm an "active" (i think) bios modder (look at my sign if you want) since I've more experience on software rather than hardware (btw I've the basics of electronics/soldering/...).

Before going more deep on bios modding I'd like to first caps mod this card. Inspired by buildzoid's video I want to try this "easy" mod... My only issue is that I do not want to screw up capacitors selection and soldering (I know how to solder I do not want to solder int the wrong places)...

If you need more infos on this card you can find the PCB analysis (by buildzoid) and here there are some back/front PCB photos, also google is quite full of them.

Right now my card as this custom hybrid cooling solution but:

  • First pic that's my father's hand
  • It has been changed a bit to lower the space between cooler and VRMs
  • pipes were kept for esthetics, now removed to lower overall weight
  • the "center" of the old cooler is now a pendant
  • the back heathsink can be removed if needed to solder something but i'd like to avoid it
  • voltage will not exceed 1.3 V

Thank to everyone who would like to help

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if you want through hole caps, Nichicon NE FPCAP should be good. if you want SMD, i'll choose either Panasonic, AVX, or KEMET Tantalum Polymer caps
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