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So, this weekend when getting out of my car I dropped my phone directly facedown on my paved driveway...

I had a silicone body glove style case on it. No damage to the screen at all, but the next day I tried to listen to some music with my earbuds and it just played from the phone speaker instead.

So I'm guessing my headphone jack broke from the impact. I took my phone apart following an XDA thread and couldn't see any apparent damage, must be damaged internally in the component.

Anyone ever replaced their headphone jacks?

I found this website that sells replacement parts, but it comes with the earpiece speaker as well for some reason... I guess it is difficult to just replace the headphone jack.


Reputable website? Anyone used them? I checked Reseller Ratings and some people complained about terrible service, wrong parts sent etc... But the majority were good. Just wanted to see if anyone on OCN had ever dealt with them.
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