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Hi guys.

Well i bought some new parts and would like to share with you how they are doing.

About 3 months ago I ordered an Antec P180B and a Corsair HX620W PSU. But I have been using my old hardware(3500+,6800GT) in it.

Now I finally order some new parts:
Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 €199
Asus P5B-Deluxe €156
2GB Team Xtreem PC6400C4 €275
Asus EN8800GTS €407
Arctic Freezer 7 Pro €16

First I had order OCZ PC-6400C4 Titanums EPP, but I found out that ocz didnt guarantee cas 4 on intel chipsets :S so I got 2 Team sticks with Micron D's in them and for a lower price... Why didn't buy those in the first place, I don't know.

I received all the parts yesterday except for the 8800GTS
It's still on pre-order). But I went a head started building my new rig anyways.

This is what it looks like after an hour of hard labour(nicked my finger on the arctic heatsink, trying to get the fan of

I couldn't get the a raid 0 setup to work... (During the blue screen of installation it couldn't copy the intel raid controller drivers from the floppy...) I'll have to fix that later.

So then it was time for some OC'ing. I set the memory to DDR 800 4-4-4-10 @ 2.1V and it booted instantly. No problems what so ever.

This is how far I've gotten so far.

This memory is amazing
DDR 1000 4-4-4-10 @ 2,25V
I ran orthos for 5 minutes and it looked pretty stable. Going to do some mem86+ testing next.

To be continued

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Ok I've ordered some stuff to add to the Bleak Death.

1 Noctua NH-U12
1 SilverStone Casefan FM121 120mm
1 OCZ XTC Memory Airflow Cooler
1 Scythe Kama Bay 120mm black
1 SilverStone SST-FP33B Black Fancontroller
1 Arctic Articlean Kit
1 Arctic Silver 5 Premium Silver Compound 3,5g
1 Samsung SH-W183A, Serial ATA150, black, OEM
1 Akasa Fan Filter, 120 mm
1 Sharkoon Thumb Screws, black, 4 x
1 Akasa TK-01 Cable Management Kit
2 Akasa AK-CB423 4-to-3 pin fancable

Hopefully I can do some proper OC'ing after this. Stay tuned for updates and pictures.

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Ok, so I received most received most of the stuff I ordered. Except for the noctua NH-U12 and the extra fm121
Had to order them somewhere else and they are still on back order so the waiting game has begun.
In the mean time my team xtreem memory had died on me. I've RMA'ed it and received a new kit within 2 days. Really nice service from Friesland Computers
So now I've installed the 5,25" kama bay cooler, the XTC cooler and the Samsung sata DVD writer (sata = beter airflow).

Here are some pictures:

Samsung SH-W183A sata DVD rewriter vs. my old white NEC burner.

The Scythe Kamabay cooler. I had 3 unused 5,25" bays so I figured might as wel use them.

That's where the dvd and the kamabay are supposed to go.

Kama with the almost-screwless brackets that came with the p180b.

That's what i looks like installed. The silver fancontroller will be replaced a black fp33 once it arrives...

Details: black thumbscrews

Look nice

The OCZ XTC Cooler was a pretty tight fit with my 8800. But it fits and it doesnt short out my gfx card, so I'm a happy camper.

Ooh look a the pretty lights!

So everything is running again. Can't wait to receive my Noctua and do some proper OC'ing.

To be continued...

Comments & crictics are welcome

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Well, the ram cooler comes with thumb screws and normal screws. So first I had assamble the ram cooler with the thumbscrews. Installing it was pretty easy. Just clamb it around the white memory retention thingies and screw the thumbscrews tight. But then I tried to insert my 8800 again and found out I would fit because the bottom thumbscrew was in the way. So I had to remove the ram cooler again. Replace the bottom thumbscrew with a normal screw and screw it on tight(because I clouldn't tighten a normal screw while its in the case. Than latch the bottom clam of the ram cooler first, them the top one. And then fasten the top thumbscrew. After that my videocard could fit just. One the screws of the 8800 cooler is actually touching the retention thingy of the ram cooler. A good spacer to prevent shorting out my gfx card
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