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Sup guys. I registered here a few years ago but never spent much time on the forum. I just recently got back into some of my old forums from way back. Oh what a time capsule. I recently JUST moved to the new LED widescreen monitors from an old CRT that I ran at 1154x864, that's what brought me back to re-do my entire computer.

I was rocking a really old Celeron system from 2003 or so, but got a killer trade a couple years ago. I traded a PS2 I had for an HP system with an e2140, and 2gigs of ram. It was one hell of an update.

I like building stuff on my free time. I ride mountain bikes a lot, I've rebuilt, repaired, and replaced almost everything on my Kona hardtail, it's a badd machine right now. I'm going to take it down south a little bit to hit a bike/camp park, and really put it through hell.

I also know my way around a vehicle. I've got a '95 Corolla that I've repainted and done a bit of work to. It's up for sale now that I'm on the market for a newer ride. I've done quite a bit of work in a body shop, doing collisions and rust repair. I also did some work as a mechanic, learning a lot of the new diagnostic equipment, but also old fashion wrench turning.

I play guitar, not near as much as I used to, I'm almost growing out of it, but I have to stay into it. I was much better a couple years ago than I am now. I built myself a stratocaster way back when I was in grade 8. It was quite the project, since then it's gone through some changes, but it was my first guitar and it's still the best playing guitar I've picked up.

Anywhoo if anyones interested in what I got goin' on with my bike, my computer, or any of my vehicles, hit me up. I've got a build thread going in the intel section, check it out. I'm waiting on a few more parts but I'm stripping my case down for paint this weekend.

If anyone needs any troubleshooting for vehicles, or general advice, feel free to PM me. It's always good getting a second opinion or quote before taking a vehicle into a shop.

I'll be out fourwheeling than drinking some beer tonight, but the prep work on my case should begin tomorrow afternoon
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