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Case Airflow

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I'm about to buy a new HSF for my video card because the stock on is way too loud and I figured why not buy some case fans while I'm at it? My ram and the heat sinks on the top right corner of my motherboard are very hot. I have enough room to fit a 120mm or 80mm fan in the front drive bay and a 80mm fan on the side grating. How should I set this up for the best cooling and airflow? Here's a diagram of my case:
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Hey. Welcome to overclock.net. Let me be the first person to tell you to update your system specs in your UserCP. Take them out of your sig and put them under where it says Edit System.

Anyway, best cooling has intake at the front bottom of your case, but to cool ram, stick a few fans in some drive bays on input, and a few outputs on the other side.
Thanks, I updated my specs. If I put a fan on the side panel should it be an intake or an exhaust fan? I want the inside of the case to be low pressure so it doesn't collect dust, right?
With low pressure in the case, all the gaps and crevices in your PC case will start to fill up with dust; around the sound card plug sockets, USB sockets, everywhere, because the low pressure sucks in air (and dust) from anywhere it can. If you have intake fans (with dust filters) that create a higher pressure, air will want to get out of the case, and the dust will collect only in the filters.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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