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Hi there guys,

First off, if this thread is better off in one of the cooling sections, just say and I'll repost.

I just purchased all the parts for my new build, for the exception of the case. I've been going back and forth on the cases for a few days.
At the moment it's between:
Thermaltake Chaser MK-I
Thermaltake Core V71
and CM HAF 932

Both Thermaltakes recently received a MIR which makes the Chaser @$90 even more persuading. And the CM HAF 932 has been out of stock for nearly a week, so that's up in the air for now. My main concern between the three is cooling and airflow.

I'll be running a 4790k, GTX 970, 16GB RAM, and a H100i on the CPU.

The V71 has two 200mm front intakes and a 200mm top exhaust which I'll be swapping out for the 240mm rad from the H100i.
The Chaser MK-I has a single 200mm front intake and a 200mm top exhaust which I'd would likely move to the side and make into an intake.
The HAF 932 would ultimately be similar to the Chaser setup.

My question really is, which would provide better airflow? And would the airflow be any different, ie, better or worse, between:

Front Intake >> Top and Rear Exhaust and Front Intake + Side Intake >> Top and Rear Exhaust

I haven't found any recent or well discussed comments about side intakes and whether or not they disrupt the airflow from the front intake to the exhaust, and whether or not they provide additional and beneficial cooling to the GPU.

An additional question I have is, for the Core V71, I have already bought and plan to use a 240mm rad, so can I use it on the top with the two 200mm fans without any issues? I know the 240mm Rad will extend and overlap the stock 200mm, would there be any airflow issues with that or using two 200mm fans on top, in an almost P/P config?

If there are any suggestions as to different cases, they're more than welcomed, however I'd like to keep within the $90-$150ish range, but obviously less is better. I'd also prefer a full tower. I have considered the Phanteks Ethoo Pro, Fractal Design XL Arc, and the Corsair 540 and Corsair 450D (even though it's a mid). I've heard good and bad things about them all, but as with all products even the slightest bad comment can deter someone.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


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