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Hey guys I have some questions, i have a coolermaster gladiator case and i

want to install an intake fan from the side of the case in order to cool more

efficiently my cpu, I am on a stock cooler right now for the cpu, and I was

wondering if I put that fan on the side of the case would help with the temps,

is not that its overheating or something, though yesterday i was playing

crysis 2(awsome btw)and i heard that my fan was getting loud, so i checked

my HW monitor and it was 60c, at idle temp it hits 30c-32c.... anyways I was

wondering what would be better

1.- connecting the new case fan to the psu?

2.- Connect the case fan to the mobo and were???? so it can

control the speed and stuff =)

3.- do u think its necessary to buy a cpu cooler with my current temps?

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It would be beneficial to add a fan to the side panel. It would help load temps, but an aftermarket cooler would give you better results.
If you hook up the fan directly to the power supply, it will run at 100%. This is not a problem if you get a fan that is reasonably quiet (20-30 dBa, depending on personal preference).
You can also get a fan controller just for that fan. Some fans come with the fan controller included, like this - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16811999344

If you decide to get an aftermarket cooler, I suggest the CM HYper 212+, but you have to shop around for a good price. Another good option would be the Xigmatek 1284F. You can't beat it for $30 shipped.
There are also more expensive, and more effective, options....Something like the Thermaltake Frio, Noctua NH-D14, or even the Corsair H50/ H60/ H70.
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