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(Case) Fan Questions

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Hi everybody,

2 questions related to computer case fans:

I'm planning on adding a case fan to my computer. It's not super hot at all (only ~35 C for the MB and 40 C on idle for the CPU), therefore I don't think I need a super expensive one, just a cheap one to blow some hot air out so air circulation is better.

How is this one? http://toptechcomputer.com/product/13395.aspx (It's from a local store near me so that'd be nice as I won't have to pay for shipping fee). Also I noticed it says "Blue UV Reactive" .What does that mean?

2) I came across this the other day:

Amazon.com: Evercool Gt-365 Shutdown Fan Controller: Electronics Amazon.com: Evercool Gt-365 Shutdown Fan Controller: Electronics
. Apparantely this device is supposed to keep the fan running 5 mins after shutdown so the computer can cool down better. Is this actually useful (ie. will it actually be better for the CPU + MB in the long term (not as hot), etc)?
Also my system uses SpeedFan right now...any idea if this will still be compatible with SpeedFan?

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The first fan you showed looks fairly cheap. If noise isn't a concern for you, than the prime stat you need to be looking at is CFM - how much air the fan pushes in a minute. That particular fan pushes only 21CFM, I've seen 80MM fans push more air than that and aren't that much more expensive. If noise cancellation is a concern, then look at the dB(decibels, a way of measuring noise) that the fan produces, the lesser the better. There are also variable speed fans out there where you can control the speed - or if it uses a 3 pin power connector on the motherboard, your motherboard may control their speed that way using temperature sensors in various locations on the motherboard.

As for the second item, either way your computer is going to cool down after it turns off, regardless if the fans are on or not it's just a matter of how fast it does so in this scenario. However, if remnant heat from when the machine was on turns out to be a problem, then it'd be a worthwhile investment(after all,it's only 10$).
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In terms of that fan, does it say in the description whether it lights up or not (ie. has LED lights in them)? Does "Blue UV Reactive " mean that...?

Also I'm not very good at noise levels...but how loud is 19DBA ? It shouldn't be too loud should it?

Thanks again.
Blue uv reactive means that the fan will glow blue under uv light. You need uv cathodes though. 19db is silent. You won't be able to hear it. That fan you linked does not push much air at all. From that site I would recommend http://toptechcomputer.com/product/13312.aspx if you wanted a fan that glows blue. Btw that site has inflated their prices a lot.
Thanks I will definitely take a look at it.

Btw what do you mean by the site has "inflated their prices" ?


Edit: O yea and if I wanted something lower priced, how is this one? http://toptechcomputer.com/product/13347.aspx
It pushs more air than the one I found for sure, but not as much as the one you found
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