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I am completely confused. This makes no sense

1.) Define the "ground fealing" ?

Ground means no difference in electrical poptental between two objects. So what you are really saying, is your case has that "nothing fealing". This statement makes no sense.

2.) Define "case has some ground cause by motherboard"

Your motherboards ground connection is always grounded to your case.

Let me translate what i think you are trying to say:

You feal a tingleing in your fingers caused by electricity when you touch your case. This electricity does not shock you. Removeing the power supply does not make it go away. You suspect the motherboard is causeing this problem.

Am i correct?

EDIT: If i am correct, you have a static problem. If your motherboard is shorting out, it would completely stop working.

EDIT AGAIN: We can determine if static is a problem. 1.) Where is your case placed? 2.) You live in Las Vegas, I assume the air might be really dry right now. Am i correct? 3.) Set your PC up on a counter off the floor and see if you still have the same problem. The floor is the worst place to set your PC if you have alot of static.

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Outlet ground failure.
An electrician is all you need
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