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Case Suggestions.

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Need to get a decent but cheap case i.e. under £100 and need suggestions on what to go for.

I'm not fussy on size as long as it can fit my components then its not a problem. I need something with a motherboard tray that is removable as well as tooless installation on hdd, cd/dvd and expansion slots and decent cable management would be good good too.

Can i get a case with all the features i suggested for under £100??

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Any other suggestions??
The Anttec 900 II is nice and cheap at overclockers at the moment.
And it's a brillient all round case.
Cooling, space, ventilation, easy fitting, everything.

Antec 900
90 quid.
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Never did like the 900 that much even though it is probably a great case.

The CM690 looks good and i'm thinking about the antec P182 SE as well

Originally Posted by machinewashable
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I need something with a motherboard tray that is removable as well

I don't know of any cases with removable motherboard trays, but as first few suggest cases without removable motherboard trays I figure I might as well too. The HAF932 doesen't have a removable motherboard tray, but fits most of the other categorys, and is ~150$ (I think).
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I also say CM690!
I second the CM 690. Great case, and plenty of room.
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So far the coolermaster 690 is the case i'll probably go for.

Whats the Cable management like in the 690?? I really would love to have all PSU cables out of sight and going behind the motherboard tray if i could.
The 690 has a cable management hole right next to the psu to allow you to route all the cables behind the (non-removeable) mobo tray. Only difficulty I've had is the bundled real power pro 550W PSU doesn't have a long enough ATX connector to reach if I route it behidn the mobo tray - an HX620 does reach though and of course you can make another hole in the tray or get an extender. Overal I'd rank the cable management as excelent, with just a point taken off for not thinking though the cable length if you go for the bundled psu.
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looks like the 690, only if you like how it looks.
The cable management is top notch, check out the "Rate My Cables" thread, a lot of people there have CM690s that have hidden their cables damn well. Without drilling any holes at that. (Including myself)
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Cheers for the suggestions and comments and i will give +rep.

I will then be going for the coolermaster 690 since it looks good, has plenty of space and toolless installation .
CM 590 is also a good case.
I'd rather go with the 690 and not the 590. Although they are simmilar i like the looks of the 690 better.
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