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We are pleased to officially announce our newest prototype case line in the works, the NOVA X2, X2M and the X5.

First X2 prototype:
There are MANY changes coming, but here are pictures of the general layout

(beside a S3 for reference.)

From left to right; X5, X2M, X2




Spec list as of Aug 12, 2014 (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

* All aluminum construction
* mITX and mATX form factors
* Reversible
* Full-size PSU support
* Supports full length video cards (2.5 slot cards okay)
* 240/280 radiator support in the roof with 55mm clearance
* 170mm cooling tower clearance
* 55mm of radiator clearance above motherboard (in a standard configuration)
* Removable motherboard plate
* Flex-Bay system (X2M only)
* Screwed together chassis
* Quick release exterior
* Extended tops and Pedestals will be available (excluding the XM2, for now)
* Drive support TBD
* Exterior dimensions TBD
* Price TBD

Official X2M Specs, Options and Pricing.
Base Price: $199.95

Black - $0.00
White - $20.00
Gunmetal - $20.00
Primer - $0.00
Two Tone - $30.00

Standard - $0.00
Reverse - $0.00

Top Cover
Standard Vent - $0.00
Standard Solid - $0.00
36mm Ventilated - $20.00

Motherboard Side Door
Solid - $0.00
Window - $20.00

Solid - $0.00
Ventilated - $5.00
120.2 mount - $20.00
120.2 mount with HDD cage - $44.00
120.2 mount with 2 HDD cages - $68.00

Power Switch
Yes - $0.00
No - subtract $10.00 (switch mount included)

I/O panel
None - $0.00
USB 3.0 w/ HD audio - $15.00

Divider Cover
Yes - $10.00
No - $0.00

Other info:
Dimensions: Depth: 16.69" / Width: 9.06" / Height (without feet): 15.63" (424mm x 230mm x 397mm) CASTERS WILL NOT FIT THIS CASE
Distance from divider wall to inside of motherboard side door: 7.8" (198mm)
Distance from PCI backplate to Flex-Bays: 16" (406mm)
Distance from PCI backplate to Flex-Bay 120.2 mount: 15" (380mm)
Distance from the top fan mount to the top of the motherboard tray (rad clearance) in a standard configuration: 52mm
Distance from the top fan mount to the second PCI slot (rad clearance) in a reverse configuration: be announced later when I measure it tongue.gif
Weight: 10 pounds (4.5kg)
PCI Slots: 2
Native SSD mounts: 0-4
Native HDD mounts: 0-4 (only 2 positions can be used at once)
Total possible HDD capacity with extra mounts: 10
Total possible SSD capacity with extra mounts: 20
Top Fan Mount: 240/280 universal
Bottom fan mount: 140mm
Rear Fan Mount: 120mm
Number of Flex-Bays (5.25 bays): 6
PSU support included

I miss my OCN!!
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Kickn' ars and taken names as usual, looks nice.

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Make sure it can fit 9.7" Deep hot swap bay :)

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Originally Posted by geggeg View Post

Saw the tweet about this, this needs to be a bigger deal already!
When those who want to use an AIO unit in a small form factor chassis, but don't have a small form factor chassis from the maker of said AIO see this, it will be.
As usual, it will support Air, AIO, and water. It's a CaseLabs case. And when you need that extra oomph for cooling your Titan (or next big name GPU), there's always a pedestal.

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This might be my next case. I can't wait to see how it develops.

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Originally Posted by XNine View Post


Now I feel like I should get this instead of the Ncase M1 V2 (terrible naming that) for an HTPC build. It would be amazing to put this wee thing next to my TX10-D w/extended top and pedestal for a photoshoot.

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you guys should mount the psu in the front leaving the top and bottom for radiators....
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