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I have a Bullet BH8 EATX on order.

Would it be possible to remove most of the rear structure above motherboard tray leaving only a skeletal frame and PCIe riser for card support. I want there to be enough skeletal frame for LED light rail supports and to reattach clamshell lid with all attaching screws. My goal is maximum front-to-back airflow with the least amount of resistance. A PC Build secure in a transportable case and when I feel the need, go OPENBENCH by removing the clamshell cover!

Side note: This is my second PC Build in many years. After watching countless YouTube videos and there are a lot of them, I could never decide on a case that I liked. That is until I ran into CaseLabs, not sure why it took so long. Wasted time I will never get back watching cheap made cases presented by YouTube presenters. Before running into the CaseLabs Bullet BH8 I had narrowed down my selection to the BC1 Open Benchtable platform.
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