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Price increase coming June 1st

Due to changes in the aluminum market, we will be raising prices approximately 10% starting June 1st. It’s a difficult decision that we wrestled with a great deal. As many of you know, US trade policy has undergone a number of changes recently. One of those polices that was enacted early this year, significantly restricted import aluminum sheet stock. The west coast is particularly dependent on import material because domestic material is in short supply. The bulk of US and Canadian produced aluminum is shipped to the eastern and central US.

While we have relied primarily on domestic material, it is now in very short supply because of the import restrictions. In addition to rising costs, deliveries have also been affected. It’s not uncommon for material to be temporarily out of stock or of substandard quality. So, in addition to slow deliveries, it’s not unusual for us to have to reject material and wait for the next available delivery. As a result, our delivery schedule has been harder to predict accurately, which has caused frustration for both us and our customers.

We have been working closely with our primary distributor to stabilize their deliveries to us. We hope to see improvements over the next few weeks. Pricing is the other problem. Our cost has risen dramatically; over 80% since last winter. With no end in sight, we can longer absorb the difference. It is our hope the pricing will level off by the end of the year, but no one really knows.

We have always appreciated the incredible support we have received from the community, so in the interest of transparency, we felt the need to share this. Please see the attached memo from our distributor for more information.

Thank you,

Jim Keating

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Thank you for the heads up, Jim!

Please keep us as your customers posted regarding adjusted estimations for current and future orders.
As fellow enthusiasts we all know that the hobby does involve putting up with situations like this and I am sure while an increase in waiting time and cost is not sitting well with anyone, your products are ultimately worth it!

Just another customer.
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