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I heard that the CM 690 had the best airflow but does it have good cable spacing?

also how does the Antec 900 or 1200 compare with cable spacing and air flow?
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I had to add two cable holes with my son's antec 900. The 1200 has those hole because I used that design for putting the holes in the 900. I am not sure about the CM. Im not a real fan.
a while back i asked what acse was best and alot of ppl said CM 690
The CM690 has good airflow but is beaten by the 1200 and HAF932. I've owned all three and I don't think you could go wrong with any of them. The HAF has the best airflow and cable management. The 1200 can get a little tight with cabling if you have a heavy-gauge, non-modular PSU like me. It's very well built though (better than either Cooler Master) and I am certainly happier with it than I was with the 690 and HAF.
Im a Lian Li nut and siverstone, antec, and ABS and Zalman.
i just need something with space and superior airflow
i just need something with space and superior airflow
You just described the 1200
179 this thing better be like a cooler in there
Ya pretty much, the 1200 has better airflow than the CM690 and the HAF. However the HAF looks evil! The 1200 would have alot more room. The CM 690 is the "budget" minded choice, lots of room, descent airflow, cheap, lol. The HAF and the 1200 are a bit more money when it comes down to it. All I know is the CM 690 has plenty of room along with the 1200, the HAF will have a bit less space.
but there is also the question of what do you plan on putting in it? Cause that might change the air flow real quick!
basic i7 build with a lapped TRUE and fan to go on the TRUE or should i have to fans on it im lost on the fans on the TRUE haah
The 690 is great for cable management, and cooling, obviously the 1200 and the HAF do beat it in terms of airflow. In the 690 airflow is GREAT, so imagine on the 1200 and the HAF, being cheaper though, I chose the 690, and I do not regret it anyway
, way better than my A900 (you'll notice I say that a lot when I compare the two).

For the fans for your TRUE, make sure you get a good 38mm fan.
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i cant seem to find a good 38mm fan i was looking for a sanyo but can't find one
I'd go for the 690, because I personally find the HAF rather ugly, and the 1200 just plain gaudy. I ended up with a 690 because it was so cheap, best case I've ever worked with.
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