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Cathode mod Help???

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I got these idea of of tjharlow from youtube.

I bought 2 blue illuminated toggle switch so i can turn on and off the cathode from the front of my case. The problem is on the back there is 3 male connectors for crimps. The first one says ground. What is the ground wire in the comp??
The second one is for the on and off switch. I know which one is that just sauter the on and off switch wire to this one.
The 3rd one is the 12v ones. Which plug will that be??

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Ground is the case.
tie it to the negitive side of the power source. it will complete the circuit and the switch will light up.

Ground is the case.

So which cable??
Switches have power, ground, and an accessory prongs. The ground is the tricky part. In the pic all the black wires are ground so when I reference black I mean ground. If you have any questions PM me I'll try and help you through it.

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