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CCC Wont Uninstall

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I tried uninstalling my ATI drivers so I could upgrade to 6.1 drivers (from 5.7). I ran the uninstall utility, then went into safe mode and ran Driver Cleaner.

Now I can't install 6.1. The isntaller runs and I restart my computer when it asks me to, but the drivers arent "loaded". I noticed that ATI CCC was still in the Add/Remove Programs list. I tried to uninstall that and got an error. (Actually, there are two entries for ATI CCC, each gives a different error when I try to uninstall it - see screenshots). And for somereason, one is like 5mb and one is 50mb. (Again, see screenshots)

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i'm having the same problems. I try to uninstall the CCC and I get the second error that you posted the screen shot for.

I used Driver Cleaner pro and it seemed to get rid of the files, but I cannot get the CCC to load anymore after updateing to 6.2

Then I uninstalled the drivers and went with Omege 6.1 and it works fine.
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