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Cd ripper to iTunes.

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I am buying my girlfriend a new iPod Nano for Christmas, and she has quite a large cd collection, I need software that can read from multiple drives at once and convert into .m4v (I think that is the iPod's extension name). Quality is not too big of a deal, I know that .mp3 isn't that great anyway.
And if possible can output directly to iTunes directory, sync'd music is always good.
In essence:

•Multiple source drives.
•Converts to .m4v.
•Can handle burned cds.
•Can output directly to iTunes.
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umm, itunes itself.
What they said.

BTW, m4v is for video in an MP4 container. I assume you're referring to m4a, which is AAC audio in an MP4 container.
m4v and m4a are an Apple "invention" (and against all convention). They are both just renamed mp4.

I know that .mp3 isn't that great anyway.

You need to head over to hydrogen audio.
MP3 sounds transparent if encoded properly. It´s also much more format friendly to most other players.
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