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Celeron D for gaming?

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I have been piecing together a computer for my twins to use. Slowly upgrading with my old parts as I upgrade my computer. They are playing advanced fps games like F.E.A.R, Battlefield 2142 and CSS, but I am not expecting them to play at optimum settings. Anyone think this deal: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applicati...sku=E400-W3609 would be worthwhile if I add a PCI-Express video card to the mix? The deal seems difficult to pass up for a low-level rig.
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You would need more RAM since the computer is running Vista, and it only comes with 512MB. 1GB or higher would be better for gaming and for running the O.S. For the Celeron D, mine runs Battlefield 2 on the lowest settings, with some lag, but that is probably due to RAM. The Celeron D in this computer has 512 of L2 cache, and a Cedar Mill core, so it will probably run those games decently.
That system is more powerful than my sig rig, which I bought for $1200 like 4 years ago. Amazing how price drops in the computer market. Ahh well, sounds like a good low end budget rig to me.
How close to this price can you get with a custom build using low-end hardware?
That CPU overclocks to around 5Ghz on stock voltage. My friend got the 3.06ghz celeron and overclocked it to 4.8ghz stable on stock voltage. You would need a decent motherboard to do that, though.

They also kick ass in gaming for the price when overclocked. My friend that got one now scores around 5000 in 3dmark06 with an X1900gt.
You may want to buy from another site, Tigerdirect is always iffy
I have seen it on other sites for less money (shipping), what about a custom build, though?
I wouldn't use a Celeron D for gaming (games such F.E.A.R.) unless if it's overclock to a minimum of 200fsb and given that the multi on that one is x25, then a 5.0ghz is the minimum I'd use for a Celeron D.

Heck, my Celeron D 336 did 4.51ghz easy.

IMO, see if you can find el cheapo X2 CPU and go from there. I believe they had a price cut today, only the 90nm though, but they're "cheap" now.
You can build a much better system for the same price...I will work on one right now...
Even if its only a celeron D, I say go for it. A true gamer won't be stopped by hardware limitations. Heck, I'm out of town now and I'm still constantly gaming with a Celeron laptop w/ 512mb. GAME ON
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$40 more much better...add video card like you were gonna do


Edit: Link fixed, forgot about HDD and DVD drive, OS..... doh!
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i use to play supreme commander on a celly d with a x1650pro
You cant build for cheaper considering it comes with vista. Get a decent GPU and 2 gigs of RAM and it should be fine for a little gaming.
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