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Here at work, we have 5 nodes that all check the same email account, so each computer has its own set of sent emails, various different custom filters, as well as varying address books.

What I would like, at the least, is for my coworker to update the address book on the mailing computer, and have it automatically propagate to the other computers.

Just to throw a wrench in the process, all the computers use Thunderbird, except mine. I use Thunderbird to send our e-newsletter, but Outlook for everything else after I had an issue with Thunderbird ridding me of any and all attachments. (And I would gladly go back to Thunderbird if it plays nice. Boo Outlook.)

I suppose the optimal solution would be to have the mailing computer fetch all our emails from the server, and have the other systems on the LAN just pull from/send through the mail computer as well as centralizing/synchronizing the addresses to the mailing computer.

The question here is "How?"

Preferably on the cheap. (read, free and/or open source)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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