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So I noticed that I was having some FPS issues in CS:GO (2560x1440, all high/very high, 4x SSAA) and I found out that there's a bug somewhere that is killing CFX performance.

When looking towards ramp in Nuke, the GPU usage is 60% with CFX. I have taken some screenshots to show the extreme variation in GPU usage and FPS by looking from the bugged area to the non-bugged area.
When standing on the ramp side of this door, there is no GPU usage issue no matter which direction I look. Compare the two images, you'll see that moving an inch forward fixes the issue:

Here I turn just enough for the bugged whatever to be rendered:

Dust II has the same issue anywhere I look except if I look up or down:

So then I thought, "what if I lower the graphics to minimum?"

It did turn my GPU usage around (my GPU usage was lower in the non-bugged area), but I still saw the exact same breaking points where the FPS and GPU usage would change.
The non-bugged area had far higher FPS and likely only lower GPU usage because it was CPU bottlenecked. The bugged areas now had higher GPU usage with lower FPS, clearly still not scaling properly.

Disabling CFX fixes the issue and GIVES HIGHER MINIMUM FPS:

This is 100% repeatable.
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