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Best headphones for 200-300 dollars.

These kids on other forums are saying the Beats By Dre headphones are fantastic and I don't believe it.


My Sales & Marketing teacher is an audiophile, and we wanna raise some money to get these for him.

I want something better, because if this guy was an audiophile he'd probably not appreciate the gift.

I'm under the assumption that these are horrible headphones. If not, please feel free to correct me.
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Beats are overrated, there are far better you can do for the money. I'm not an audiophile so I cannot professionally rip the Beats apart, but as soon as an audiophile comes along he'll be able to explain why they're horrible. Also, chances are the people on other forums were just having a joke with you since Beats are considered jokes

I think HD600s are incredible headphones:

Fits right at the upper end of your budget.
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Not my budget, I just want to prove these kids wrong.
Depends on what kind of music.
The beats by Dre are actually good headphones, just not for the price.
DT 770 Pro 80's, Denon D2000's, HD 595's are all way better for the price, but are for different spectrum of music. The list goes on.
The Beats aren't inheritly bad, but really, they are majorly overpriced.

What's the teacher's music taste? What gear does the teacher have already?
A link to the forum (if it can be viewed without registration) would be good.
nah it can't.

It was just one post, the HD600's really proved my point haha. Thanks guys.
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