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So, I'm another lucky one.

My 6790 is having those 3D to 2D crashing problems. When I turn on to 2D, works fine, when play any 3D game, ok, but when I got back to 2D from the 3D, suddenly crashes.

Already researched a lot about it, and all I know is about core/voltage settings, that changes from full performance to a low use/economy setting.

Whats the best way of fixing that? How can I increase core's and voltage's speed of 2D mode in a safe way?

Tried MSI Afterburner, but I don't know if I didnt something right, it doesnt helped. Tried RBE but theres a lot of clock speeds. I tried to make all the same and the card bricked and I had to unbrick it, and that was a pain in the ass. I mean, which column on the clocks speed page is relate to 2D? Which one should I change? And that clock speed must be the same as 3D values or lower?
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