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Changing resolution by a click of an icon possible?

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I am wondering if it's possible to make desktop Icon to easily change to a specific set resolution.

I use an Acer Aspire One netbook, with windows XP, and reason why I am asking because I want to just click an icon to switch to 1024 x 768 (I know the screen supports only p to 1024 x 600, but I NEED 1024 x 768 to allow RPG Maker XP run.)

The screen is taller, and it is fully accessible still on here as it will scroll up and down when I move the mouse at the top or bottom. Which I can live with for the sake of running RPG Maker XP.

Just I'd like to have to be able to change my resolution with out going all the way to display property settings.

Like an icon to switch to default 1024 x 600 and one for 1024 x 768, if this is possible.
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This is more of a programming question. You're better suited creating a batch file or application that interacts with the associated registry values..
I'll give that a try and see, thank you. Hope it'll work.

However, I may not worry about this too awful much now that I am liking Game Maker's abilities more, and not only it has much more to offer, it won't force me to at least have a certain resolution.
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