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Charliemopps' gaming rig

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Hey guyz, building my first rig here and need some opinions. I've done my fair share of research and i think i've got it sorted. I filed my taxes and i'm getting $1300 back but i'd like to keep the budget for this under $900.

Already have:
Rosewill 600watt
WD 300gb

Looking to get:
Antec 300 case
Gigabyte GA-EP45
Intel Q6600
Crucial Ballistix 2x2gb DDR2 800
Asus HD4850's crossfire
Some sort of cpu cooler as i plan to OC at least to 3.4

Anything else that is a must have?????????
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antec 300 - $45 at micro center
Q6600 - Probably gonna have to buy used off OCN, but that means you can get a good OC'er for arund $150-$160
Ram - Get a set of G skill DDR2 1066 for around $50
GPU - 2 4850's are awesome
mobo - Gigabyte UD3P is an awesome board
cpu cooler - TRUE is nice, or for cheaper get a Xigamatek S1283
Anybody else?
Hey, would a Q9400 be better than the 6600 cause its a 45 nm chip?
Well the Q6600's OC'ed higher and I think were better overall, but the last batches of Q6600's were not good OC'ers from what I heard. I wouldn't get a Q6600 unless its used and is a proven OC'er, but the Q9400 is not bad by any means.
Why not save a PCI slot and $ and get a 4850X2??
Crossfire on that psu could be pushing it. I like rosewill but some of their stuff is junk.
Cool, good to know. Better to hear it now from you guyz then have unseen problems pop up later.
4850x2 you say? A quad core and a dual slot gpu and my 3dmark06 score is gonna be up there. Did I mention that my current setup FAILS every benchmark i try to run.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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